Specializing in Recruitment for Private Service In most people’s minds, the world of private service typically includes working on splendid estates owned by the very wealthy in a manner reminiscent of the movie, “The Remains of the Day”. In reality, the settings can vary tremendously, and can include urban or more bucolic settings. The size and scope of the activities and amenities offered by these estates can rival those offered by small, ultra-chic hotels. Global Hospitality recruiters serve clients who may have very particular, and sometimes very demanding, sets of requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet these requirements in the most thoroughly professional and confidential manner. To date, Global has been quite successful at recruiting the perfect candidate for a broad range of positions, including Estate Managers, Butlers, Personal Chefs, Executive Housekeepers and Chief Engineers. Salaries can range from $40K to more than six figures, and can include such valuable perks as international travel, housing, and automobiles. For more information, or to inquire about conducting an executive search for a key member of your estate management team, please contact us and a recruiter will be happy to assist you.